Benefits for Claim Owners

Our Value

VGL operates with a streamlined business model 

We are comprised solely of senior people who are empowered to make decisions. As a result of that leaner structure, superior experience and greater empowerment, VGL is nimble, agile and decisive, and therefore is a much more responsive and collegial partner to law firms and clients.

We assist claim owners in realizing the value of meritorious claims in which the claim owners want to spread litigation risk, are unable to make the investment to pursue a claim, or prefer to devote capital to business operations.

Benefits for Law Firms

Litigation finance offers many benefits to law firms, including:

Revenue increase due to more clients

  • Many small and emerging companies have meritorious commercial claims but cannot pay hourly rates.
  • To maintain annual profitability, many top law firms have limits on the number of contingency cases.
  • We enable law firms to take more cases that are profitable without abandoning their business model.
  • Firms expand their client base and reduce risk.

Improved Case Intake 

We provide an experienced, objective review to help the law firm ensure that it accepts profitable plaintiff cases:

  • Our high quality review before financing ensures that the decision to represent a plaintiff is driven by objective merits and data.
  • The CEO of VGL Capital was previously a senior litigation partner at elite global law firms.
  • There are inherent challenges to the objectivity of an internal law firm process to approve contingency cases or partial contingency cases.

Steady Revenue Growth

We help law firms achieve smoother annual revenue increases.

Marketing Advantage for Law Firms 

The ability to offer litigation finance to clients is a huge marketing advantage for law firms.

Streamlined Proposal, Due Diligence, and Funding Process

We are experienced and efficient at what we do:

  • Our management team is empowered to make decisions on financing without multiple levels of review.
  • Our management team is entirely comprised of seasoned professionals each with more than three decades of top tier legal or financial experience.

We Provide a High Quality Second Opinion as a Courtesy Benefit

  • The Plaintiff and Law Firm control the case, but our senior professionals are available for strategic and tactical advice as the case unfolds, on a courtesy basis.
  • We are led by a senior litigator who has decades of actual courtroom experience with top tier law firms and is a peer to senior litigation partners at elite law firms.