What investment structures do we PROVIDE?

  • We make equity investments for funding litigation claims.
  • Funding for a portfolio of claims.
  • Law firm funding of individual and portfolio contingency fee cases.
  • We use other creative funding structures to meet the needs of law firms and claimants to provide liquidity and risk management.

What We Do

What is VGL Capital?

We are a privately held investment company that invests in commercial litigation and IP litigation. We provide funds for legal fees and expenses for litigation cases that we believe have a high likelihood of success. If the case is successful, we get our investment back plus an agreed upon return. If the case is not successful, we are not owed anything.

What claims do we invest in?

We invest in a wide range of commercial disputes with expected recovery of $25 million and up which include:

  • Contract and related disputes.
  • Antitrust claims.
  • Patent infringement claims.
  • Fraud claims.
  • Arbitration, domestic and international.
  • Insurance recovery litigation
  • Whistleblower claims
  • Construction litigation
  • Other commercial claims & business torts.